Transitional Housing

  Transitional Housing facilitates the intermediate movement of homeless individuals and families to permanent housing eventually within 18 months. This temporary housing is combined with supportive services to enable homeless individuals and families to live as independently as possible. Supportive Services – which help promote residential stability, increase skill level and/or increase income, also a greater self-determination, which will be provided through (PHM) case management services, a network of housing consortiums, community organizations, and city and local agencies.    Potter’s House Mission’s goals are consistent with the key thrust of HUD homeless programs designed to enable local communities shape comprehensive, flexible, coordinated systems for homeless assistance. This has been termed as a “continuum of care.”   The continuum of care approach is predicated on the understanding that homelessness is not caused merely by the lack of shelter, but involves a variety of underlying, unmet needs – physical, economic and social. Dealing effectively with the problems of homelessness requires a comprehensive system of housing and necessary services for each stage, from emergency shelter to permanent housing, as well as a strong prevention strategy.    Potter’s House Mission seeks to be an integral part in the process of assisting individuals and families in achieving independent living. Reverend Jones has organized a group of qualified professionals to assist her in making the vision of Potter’s House Mission a reality; along with local schools, universities, and banks. We also have a  community network of  linkages with social service programs, housing programs, realtors, city and government  programs.